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“Zipit Bedding is such a brilliant idea! My kids' beds were ALWAYS a mess in the morning - and they were constantly asking me to fix their beds so they can sleep comfortably. Whenever I told them to just do it themselves, they always said "I can't do it as good as you!" Now, thanks to Zipit Bedding, they CAN do it themselves, just as good as I would. And it's EASY!! Thank you, ZIPIT Bedding for making it easier for my kids (and me!).”
- Lisa, CA

Order Zipit Bedding® Today!

“Love this product! It does exactly what it says. The side pocket has been great too. My son doesn't lose his cell phone under his bed anymore :) I can't wait to see this product roll out in retail stores! Would highly recommend it!”
- Karen, NY

Order Zipit Bedding® Today!

“This product has changed our lives! Honestly, the inventor of this product should win an award for helping me regain sanity when it comes to making and changing all my kids’ beds. I love it for how easy it is to change and my three-year-old likes it best of all now that he feels like a big boy and can make his own bed. I will be telling all my friends about this.”
- Carrie, AZ

“This bedding set makes changing beds easy and simple! I was able to change my son's bed within 3 minutes and had no tucking or fussing to deal with. And when I can save time anywhere in my day I'm a happy camper.

The fitted sheet also has two pockets attached to each side. These pockets are the perfect place to store flashlights, toys, and small books. My son loved that he was able to store his favorite monster and flashlight right next to him. He now finds other small toys to put in the pockets to hide from his sister.

I love how the Zipit Bedding zips up just like a sleeping bag. It makes tucking my son in very easy and he enjoys the cozyness of the covers around him. The comforter is also very easy to unzip as well. Almost as easy as throwing the comforter off when it's unzipped. This makes night time visits to our bed effortless for my son.

One of my son's favorite features, besides the side pockets, is the pillow case. Zipit creators didn't leave the pillowcase out of the zipper fun! The case can be zipped and unzipped together and is just as fun as the bedding.

Another great thing about this bedding is the fact that it doesn't just fit one theme. From aliens to robots to cars to dinos, the print on the underside of the comforter and on the fitted sheet match my son's personality perfectly.”
- Daniel Simmons

In my opinion Zipit Bedding is a major stress reliever. It makes it so easy for a younger children to make their bed while building their confidence. With the older child it makes that dreaded bed making chore, a pleasant experience. My son has mild autism/ADHD and although he is highly intelligent he finds it difficult to accomplish certain tasks as he finds them to be mundane and boring, so he avoids them totally. Which leaves me having to argue with him to get him to do many things one of which includes making his bed. When my son first used Zipit he found it not only easy but fun. He now proudly lets me know he has made his bed and tells me, "nothing to it mom." Thank you Zipit! You have made my life a whole lot easier and now I am looking forward to some new Zipit Bedding designs instead of arguments with my son.
- Digna Dreibelbis

Just received my Zipit Bedding today. I don't know who is more excited...me or my son! This is absolutely one of the most brilliant ideas I have ever seen. So easy to make the bed. Nice quality material & fits the bed well! I was pleasantly surprised. Wish they had a toddler version.
- L. Benfield

Kuddos to you or inventing such a great product! I have 3 daughters and one actually sleeps in a sleeping bag on top of her bed, just so she doesn't have to make her bed! Would love to see more options of colors and designs in the future. Keep reaching for the stars!
- Tami Doyle

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